Advanced Features
Scheduled Conditions

Scheduled Conditions

Decision tables are a powerful way to make decisions based on data, but what if you need to change how you make a particular decision based on the current time of week & time of day? Scheduled conditions are your answer, and are remarkably easy to set up.

Configuring a schedule

First, open a condition row's settings menu by clicking the gear icon in the left margin of the row. You should see a menu that allows you to configure the row's schedule.

Settings Menu

Check any days of the week you want the condition to be active, and set a start and end time in UTC for the condition.

Schedule Settings

If you'd like to disable the schedule for a row, simply uncheck all days of the week.

Viewing if a condition is in schedule

After you've set a schedule for a condition, you can see if it's currently in schedule simply by looking at the row indicator in the left margin of the row. If the row is in schedule, you'll see a green clock icon, and if it's out of schedule, you'll see a red one. Again, schedule times are in UTC, so be sure to adjust accordingly for your local time zone, or you may end up confused about why a scheduled condition isn't working as expected.

Schedule Indicator

In this example, the first condition is out of schedule, and would currently be disregarded if I were to run that Rule, and the last condition is in schedule.