Managing Rules
Decision Logs

Rule Logs

Rule logs are a powerful tool for debugging and understanding how your rules are being used. They provide a detailed history of every time your rule has been run, and the results of those runs.

Logs in Rulebricks, on most plans, are retained for 15 days, and are available in the Rulebricks dashboard a few seconds after a rule is run.

Logs are a paid feature, and are available on any paid plan.

Viewing logs

To view the logs for a rule, open the Rulebricks dashboard and navigate to the "Logs" tab.

Here, you'll see a list of all the times rules & flows have been run, along with the results of each run, down to the exact data that was sent to the rule, result returned, and conditions met.


Rules are incredibly detailed, containing everything from the IP address that invoked the rule API to the conditions that were met/unmet, and can be filtered in various ways.

In this particular example, we can see that the rule failed because some data was missing from the request object.


Logs API

Logs in Rulebricks will soon be available for longer, and will be retrievable via the Rulebricks API. This will allow you to access logs programmatically, and build your own custom logging solutions or BI tools.