Service Agreements

🤝  SLA

Rulebricks offers a common SLA with varying minimum response and resolution times for two levels of issues: low, and high severity.

We define "high severity" issues as bugs/errors that directly impede your team from gaining value from our software.


Please note the response and resolution times provided below are maximums, and you can often expect faster progress, particularly during business hours within Pacific Standard Time.

Low Severity

  • 48 hour maximum response time
  • 10 day resolution time

High Severity

  • 24 hour maximum response time
  • 3 day resolution time

If Rulebricks breaks the SLA in two consecutive months or over three months in any 12-month period, then Customer may, as its only remedy, terminate this Order Form upon notice and receive a prorated refund of prepaid fees for the remainder of the Subscription Period.


Due to the additional potential infrastructure and support costs, plans with access to self-hosting/managed cloud deployments and our SLA are priced at a higher tier: Rulebricks Enterprise. In this plan we charge a slightly higher $500 per tenant, per month, where each tenant is allocated anywhere between 1-10M available monthly rule executions. Within this plan and at no extra cost we also offer 20 complementary service hours from our team for any implementation legwork you’d require assistance with.

There is an additional plan available for Rulebricks Enterprise customers that wish to privately deploy our rule engine and have maximum flexibility while doing so. This plan includes a dedicated account manager, custom SLA, and a 24/7 support line for $1000 per tenant, per month, and no limits of any kind on rule executions. If you are interested in this plan, please schedule a demo with us.

We have a CommonPaper ( (opens in a new tab)) Cloud Services Agreement template for Rulebricks containing what you see on this page you may request access to for closer review should you wish to move forward with Rulebricks.