Technology Overview

Rulebricks is built using Next JS, Postgres, and Redis.

Our cloud infrastructure is hosted on Vercel, Supabase, and Upstash. You can find more information about our subprocessors here, including the technology they provide, and the regions we operate over them in.

All cloud data is backed up every few hours and retained for 30 days.

For our AI features, we use OpenAI. We do not store any data with OpenAI, and only send data to them when you explicitly take an AI action in the Rulebricks interface.

Private Hosting

All private deployments are HTTPS and require certification, provided DNS records are updated immediately after deployment.

Currently we support AWS and GCP, with Azure support coming soon. All private deployments use Docker Compose to spin up the necessary services, and Watchtower to automatically update Rulebricks containers when new versions are available. Private deployments include a local Postgres and Redis instance, and a Next.js server for the frontend.

All third party services are disabled in private deployments, particularly certain logging, user analytics, and AI features.

We are actively working on a Kubernetes deployment option.